Sunday Art Brunch: Freeze NYC and the NFT news

  1. This Sunday happens to be Mother’s day and in order to celebrate it here is an article from Artsy celebrating mothers with an interesting reflection on how women artists are shaping the way we see motherhood. Twentieth-century artists made it possible to frame motherhood as a multi-dimensional concept and it is very inspiring to see different women artists bring different perspectives.
Deana Lawson, Mama Goma, DR Congo, 2014
The Shed, the arts center in Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan (at center), is this year’s home of Frieze New York. Credit…Nina Westervelt for The New York Times
Agustina Woodgate, “Don’t Trust, Verify,” a project from Barro at Frieze New York. Photo courtesy of Barro, New York and Buenos Aires.
Carla Shen. Photo by Maria Vogel.
Beeple, installation view of Everydays — The 2020 Collection, 2020, in “Virtual Niche: Have You Ever Seen Memes in the Mirror?,” at UCCA Lab, Beijing, 2021. Courtesy of Block Create Art (BCA).




Technology enterprise operating in the online art market segment.

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Technology enterprise operating in the online art market segment.

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