Industry voices: Elisabeth Johs on curating NFT exhibitions

Elisabeth Johs, courtesy of

We came across Elisabeth’s work through a recent NFT show she put together on Superrare: “The invisible cities” and got intrigued by the concept of curating art in the space. So, we decided to ask her a few questions.

Hi Elisabeth! Thank you for making the time for this chat, we have looked a bit into your background: a degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, work for Gagosian after which you passed on to co-found a gallery “Trotter & Sholer”. When did curating digital art come about?

Invisible cities exhibition, April 2020, curated by Elisabeth Johs

And since you have mentioned the economy, what about the market aspect of the crypto art space? Do you think it is mostly speculative, or is there genuine and conscious and NFT art collecting with a long-term vision that is happening these days?

“The Old District” by @annibale_inward, “Invisible Cities” Exhibition.

What do you think is the future of both the traditional market and the NFT space? Will one eventually take over the other or will they exist separately? Will we at some point find ourselves buying NFTs from physical galleries?

“Suburban nights” by @danguiz, “Invisible Cities” Exhibition.

As a curator, what has been the most challenging part in curating NFT shows?

We sure hope so! Tell us about how and where do you discover NFT talents?

“Emiris” by @madmaraca_7, “Invisible Cities” Exhibition.

If you had unlimited budget to spend on digital art, who is the number 1 digital artist you would buy today?

What do you feel people mostly get wrong about the NFT space?



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