Anyone can mint an NFT… and that’s the problem. Introducing the Artsted Digital Signature.

What is the Artsted Digital Signature?

Digital identity that links the Artsted account through a verified identity tool: GetID. Any artwork minted with Artsted is then associated with the artist’s verified identity profile, insuring the authenticity and legitimate provenance.

The problem

Given the widespread interest in NFTs both from collectors and artists, the barrier to entry to this digital art space has essentially disappeared. Now anyone with an internet connection and five spare minutes can mint an NFT–no identity check needed; no pre-assessment of the file for quality or authenticity

For Artsted this isn’t a problem, though, it’s an opportunity. In collaboration with the Polkadot blockchain and Accredited Wallet, Artsted is rolling out the Artsted Parachain, which will mint Artsted NFTs on the Polkadot network. The goal of the project is not just to facilitate the creation and transaction of NFTs, but also to support innovation within the digital art space. This innovation includes the use of dynamic NFTs, fragmented and bundled NFTs, and NFT use cases within the metaverse.

How does it work

Artsted takes a curated approach to NFTs by requiring artists to verify their identity and digitally “sign” their NFTs prior to minting. This digital signature marks the initial digital footprint of the Art, binding it to the identity of the artist. Artsted uses a number of different institutional-grade identity verification services, including GETid and Civic.

Am I eligible for the Artsted Digital Signature?

Currently we only offer the digital signature to our Premium users, which is an extra security service which creates value and credibility for their digital work online, both on the primary and the secondary market.

Artsted is a cutting edge technology enterprise operating in the P2P online art market segment catering to a new generation of art collectors and artrepreneurs.



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Technology enterprise operating in the online art market segment.